We are interested in working with partners who have a commitment to making real change in the wider Pacific, who are committed to developing people to realise their potential, and who support collaboration, capacity building and sustainability. 

Delivering on the SDGs – new approaches are needed

The Sustainable Development Goals are ambitious and commit the world not only to make progress, but to ‘leave no one behind’. This means we need to reach even the most marginalised and vulnerable people, and to reach them first. 

We can use our talent, expertise, networks and resources to achieve global  development ambitions together. We have a shared commitment to good development practice and good governance, and can build off each other’s strength and expertise. 

We can find skilled volunteers to help you meet your NGO’s development goals. VSA volunteers can help to build local staff capability and deliver to your localisation agenda. 

VSA has a proven track record of recruiting skilled volunteers, preparing them for their time overseas, and ensuring they have a fantastic experience while they are there. We have offices throughout the Pacific, and have specialist staff to manage safety, security or health issues. 


To find out what your organisation could achieve through partnering with VSA, please get in touch with our dedicated team. We can talk you through the process for setting up a partnership, and things you need to consider. 

Please contact the Stakeholder Engagement team here.