New tax credit process 

Thank you for your contributions during the Tax Year.  

If you made a donation to a VSA, of $5 and over, within the last four financial years, you may be eligible to claim a tax credit.

You can claim a tax credit if you:

  • Are claiming as an individual and not on behalf of a trust, partnership or company
  • Were a New Zealand tax resident at any time during the tax year (1 April to 31 March)  

You can claim donation tax credits within a period of four years, following the year in which the gift was made. 

The maximum tax credits you can claim is the lesser of:

  • 33.3333% of the total donations you've made, or
  • 33.3333% of your taxable income


What you need to do:

1. Receive your donation receipt(s)

    • You should receive your receipt, either by email or post, within a week of your donation to VSA. If you are a regular donor, you will receive your consolidated receipt by late April. 
    • If you are missing any receipts for your VSA donations, please get in touch with our Fundraising team at and we will post or email you copies. 

2. Upload your receipts to your myIR account through Donation Tax Credit 

1. Register or log in to your myIR account to enter the details and upload your donation receipt.
  • This can be uploaded as a scanned document or a photograph of the receipt. IRD will accept either just as long as you provide evidence that you made a donation during the Tax Year.  

2. Add 
Donation Tax Credit form to start uploading your receipts. 
  • Receipts can be uploaded as you receive them during the year so there is no need to hold on to them until the end of the tax year.

3. You will need to enter the details of the 
donee name -  Volunteer Service Abroad. 
  • The form will ask what type of organisation- religious, school, kindergarten or other. Volunteer Service Abroad falls under the ‘other’ category. 
  • You will need to enter both our Charity Services and IRD numbers 
    • Our charity number is CC 36739. 
    • Our IRD number which is  011-250-475 
  • Add in the amount you have donated 
    • This can be found on your donation receipt. 

If you’re a Regular Donor 

  • Monthly donors to VSA will receive a collated receipt for their total tax year donations late April/early May.  
    • Follow the steps above for claiming your tax credit.   
    • The amount you donated will be your donation summary at the bottom of your receipt.  
  • If you have any questions regarding your receipts, please get in touch with one of our fundraising team members at 

Donating my tax credit to VSA

Did you know you can allocate all or part of your credit the end of the tax credit process? This is a great way to make your donation go further. 

For example, if you have donated $100, you are eligible to claim $33. Donating this refund back makes your gift a total of $133, which will be used to support our work to create positive change across the Pacific and beyond. 

You can also transfer your credit at the end of the process. If you would like to donate your credit back to VSA - thank you. You are able to do this at the end of the online process, or you could get in touch with us when you receive your tax rebate. 

You can also regift your tax to us using our Supergenerous Platform.  

More information is available on the Inland Revenue website – or feel free to get in touch us with any questions.