Waste Management in Timor-Leste

New Zealand Scholarship alumni Liria da Silva is helping to lead innovative approaches to waste management in Timor-Leste. 

Liria is a junior WAS Management Specialist working with Knua Juventude Fila-Liman (KJFL). She is helping engage young Timorese with the 4s approach to waste management: Review, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. 

The recent flooding in Dili and COVID outbreak in the region added extra challenges to this project, but it didn't stop the team. They turned to Tik Tok to create a competition encouraging people to share their waste reduction tips. Videos came in showing the reuse of plastics to create planters and vases, along with ways to reduce waste through their supermarket purchases. 

The Facebook post which launched this competition reached over 5,000 people and was widely shared. The social media challenge has been one of the proudest moments for Liria whilst on her assignment, and she has enjoyed the opportunities it has given her to share her knowledge with local communities to support more sustainable consumption attitudes.     

This week we asked VSA volunteer, Liria de Silva in Timor-Leste what it was like to volunteer. Here is her response in Tatum and English.

Oinsa itabot descreve itabot nia esperiensia husi voluntarizmu nee?

Liu husi serbisu voluntáriu ne'e fó mai ha'u esperiénsia no oportunidade barak liu tan atu fahe koñesimentu no ideia kona-ba jestaun lixu. Aleinde ne'e, ha'u servisu besik liu ho komunidade lokál sira atu apoia sira bazeia ba oinsá sira jere sira-nia fo'er no promove separasaun ba lixu resiklavel iha ema uma-kain sira. Serbisu voluntáriu ne'e ida ne'e fó oportunidade barak mai ha'u atu buka ha'u nia forsa no kontribui ba ema seluk.

Liria de Silva celebrates National Volunteer Week (Tetun/Tetum)

How would you describe your volunteering experience? 

This volunteer assignment gave me more experiences and opportunities to share my knowledge and ideas about waste management. In addition, I work closely with local communities to support them based on how they manage their waste and promote the segregation of recyclable waste in people's households. This volunteer work alone gives me many opportunities to explore my great strengths and contribute to others.

Liria celebrates National Volunteer Week (English version)