Be Part of the Wave

People are connecting across the airwaves and ocean waves.
They work on projects that change the lives of many. It's even happening today.
Is it time you add something more to your life? Volunteering can be as little as eight hours a week from your home.

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Ngaire Tihema

E-volunteer from home

In the words of Ngaire Tihema, volunteering is a "life-long journey. Ngaire shares what she has gained as a volunteer in Papua New Guinea, and more recently e-volunteering (remotely via internet) from her home in New Zealand Aotearoa.

E-volunteering opens unimaginable opportunities in the Pacific to people who want to share their skills and experience with others. This is your chance to connect beyond our shores. 

Hugo Egan


59 years ago, founder Sir Edmund Hillary created VSA with the purpose of developing friendships, goodwill and understanding between New Zealanders and the people of the countries to which volunteers were sent. It wasn't long before social and economic goals also became important. Today, that purpose continues and volunteers work with others across the Pacific to achieve great things together. Watch Hugo Egan as he talks about his experience volunteering in Timor Leste. 

The cost of travel and living abroad is covered, and a great support programme is provided to ensure volunteers and our partners abroad get the most out of the connections. Volunteers are preparing to go into Pacific countries when it safely to do so.

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