Stay in touch through your local VSA branch.

They are a supportive group that includes other returned volunteers and VSA supporters.

When de-briefed, returned volunteers are asked if their details can be passed on to their local branch. Any of the branch contacts below would love to hear from you.

Most branches meet regularly, often bi-monthly. Meetings are generally informal and sometimes recently returned volunteers are invited to speak. During the year social and fundraising events are often organised.

Around 80 people attended this Christchurch VSA branch event in 2017. Branches also organise film evenings and pot luck dinners, and host returned volunteer speakers.


Enid Honiss, Contact
Murray Benbow, Contact


Mark Perkins, Chair
Robyn Ford, Secretary
Bob Kinnear, Contact & Treasurer


Lesley Batten, Chair
Marian Bland, Secretary


Alan Reader, Treasurer

Top of the South

Marjorie van Gessel, Chair
Sandy Stephens, Secretary


Alice McCabe, Co-Chair
Simon Pollock, Co-Chair
Alan Ogle, Treasurer


Ken Baker, Chair