The Kingdom of Tonga has welcomed VSA volunteers into their communities since 1965. Volunteers have worked in education, health, community and economic development and agriculture.


The Kingdom of Tonga is unique in the South Pacific in being the only country never colonised by a foreign power. It is also the only surviving monarchy in the Pacific with a royal family whose lineage dates back as far as 875AD.

What we are doing in Tonga

In the 2018-19 year, VSA volunteers undertook 7 assignments with 6 partner organisations in Tonga.


In the Kingdom of Tonga, VSA has strengthened its 54 year relationship with a renewed strategy focused on good governance, sustainable livelihoods, health and wellbeing, and community development.

In October 2018 VSA employed an in-country Programme Manager in Tonga. This move, along with strong in-country support from contractor Meleoni Uera, has significantly increased VSA’s responsiveness and community integration in Tonga.

Levina Manoa has been volunteering in St Andrews High School training
English teachers to teach English as a second language. She is Tongan-born
but has spent most of her life in New Zealand. Her work to shift the teaching model to ESOL has revolutionised English language teaching in Tonga - it was previously taught as a first language despite most students having no experience of it before they start school.