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Ba Futuru (For the Future) is a not-for-profit non-government organisation established in Timor-Leste in 2004. Its vision is to build a culture of peace and non-violence by providing people with skills and knowledge necessary for a positive future.

Ba Futuru’s activities are founded on the principles of mutual learning, capacity development, artistic self-expression and human rights-based programming. Ba Futuru works to strengthen the structures for the protection of women, children and other vulnerable groups at the grassroots and national levels while empowering vulnerable people to be active participants in their communities.

Ba Futuru’s areas of focus are:

  • peace building and conflict resolution
  • child protection and positive (non-violent) discipline
  • early childhood education and development
  • women’s empowerment and gender equality
  • holistic and participatory youth education
  • community peacebuilding theatre

Ba Futuru’s Peace Center offers courses, classes and activities for children and youth including language classes, human rights education, conflict resolution training, and media, art, music, drama and dance classes. In mid-2013, Ba Futuru started an After School Programme for children aged five to 12 years from the local community to give them stimulating, educational and socially supportive activities. This programme now offers homework assistance, sporting and creative activities, and nutritious lunches to the children that attend.

Visit Ba Futuru's website.