The Solomon Islands Association for Community Learning Centres (SIACLC) was founded in March 2015 to represent community learning centres (CLC) across the Solomon Islands. SIACLC currently represents 26 CLC throughout the country, and new CLCs are in the process of joining.

CLCs are centres initiated by individual communities to provide non-formal skills training and learning for young people and adults who have no opportunity of furthering their skills or knowledge in the current bottled neck and expensive education system in the country. The Community Learning Centres were established in almost all of the nine provinces in the Solomon Islands. Rural offices are headed by Community Coordinators with the Head office based in Honiara.

Having seen these challenges SIACLC was conceived to provide direct support to the CLCs and give individual CLCs the opportunity to exchange ideas and receive support from other CLCs at the provincial or national level.

The goal of SIACLC is: “To provide and foster learning opportunities tailored toward building and enhancing the capacity of local communities to be industrious and self-reliant. This ensures that local communities are strategic partners in sustainable development”.

The purpose of SIACLC is to:

  • Foster and promote a network of community learning centres established to improve livelihood and wellbeing of local communities.
  • Enhance and strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of community learning in empowering communities.
  • Build the capacity of community learning centres and provide a forum for the sharing of information and expertise by network members.

Currently SIACLC has secured funding from the Pacific-American Climate Fund (PACAM, USAID). SIACLC is working in partnership with World Fish, focussing on improving food security and climate change adaption through aquaculture through three CLCs in east Guadalcanal. Another example of their work is a current project to conduct civic education through the CLCs in light of the upcoming Solomon Islands election (scheduled for 2018).