Solo Enviro Beautification (SEB) is a Honiara-based NGO that protects, maintains and enhances the natural environment of the Solomon Islands while providing an aesthetically-pleasing, safe and usable cityscape. 

SEB has a permanent nursery, classroom and office complex at Ranadi in the industrial area of Honiara, Solomon Islands. Their work involves beautifying the City of Honiara and training young Solomon Islanders in Horticulture and Landscaping.

SEB was established in 1999 following the request of the mayor of Honiara at that time, John Maetia, with the vision to beautify urban centers throughout the country. SEB also offer horticulture training and landscaping to help employ unemployed youths throughout the Solomons

With the upgrade of central Honiara and the development of tourism, SEB needs advisors on how to assist the government in environmental landscaping for the city and developing public spaces. The volunteer needs to be able to teach the existing staff and manager to produce gardens, shaded areas and tree planting that is suitable in an urban situation. VSA will be assisting SEB in this capacity.

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