Bruce McPherson BGV

Bruce McPherson - Financial Adviser

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SetWidth400 Arnold Hawkins

Arnold Hawkins - Building and Maintenance Adviser

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Rob Algar

Robert Algar - Commercial Fishing Adviser

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Matt Enright

Matt Enright - Marine Science Adviser

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The National Fisheries College was established in 1977 and is the National Fisheries Authority’s leading fisheries and marine resources training and education institution. (The National Fisheries Authority is responsible for the management and development of the fisheries sector.) The NFC provides core training in fishing and seafood handling, and plans to expand into aquaculture and community fisheries. 

The NFC provides a Diploma and Degree Programme in Fisheries and Marine Resources in conjunction with the University of Natural Resources and Environment. These programmes cater to both  New Guinean and Solomon Islander students. The NFC also oversees the Nago Island Mariculture and Research Facility.