SetWidth400 Katherine

Katherine Dorofaeff - Planning and Policy Adviser

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Nicky Thompson

Nicola Thompson - Water Engineer

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Victoria Clark

Victoria Clark - Water Engineer

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Christian Gamst

Christian Gamst - Water Engineer

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Roanna Salunga

Roanna Salunga - Water Engineer

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The Office of the Prime Minister Cook Islands (OPM) is responsible for Central Policy and Planning, Emergency Management, Information Communication Technology, Corporate Services, Cabinet Services and Research. 

The OPM is based in Rarotonga and the overarching vision is "Good governance for the maximum benefits of sustainable development". OPM's mission is to provide sound leadership and direction in the pursuit of sustainable development and national well-being. The Cook Islands Government has a national strategic policy and planning suite to support the implementation of its new National Sustainable Development Plan 2016-2020.