Each year, dozens of returned volunteers give talks about their experiences to several thousand New Zealanders in service and community groups, schools, and professional organisations.

Click here if your organisation would like to hear from a VSA speaker.

If you are a returned volunteer, you might find that talking about your assignment can be a great way of re-living the experience.

You’ll enjoy having an audience who is interested in what you have to say. Their interest can be a pleasant surprise, and a good antidote to the day-to-day indifference reported by many returned volunteers.

If public speaking isn’t your thing, we can help. Our resources include:

  • a PowerPoint presentation template in which you can easily insert your photos, video clips or text.
  • a guide for PowerPoint presentations.

Host a VSA speaker

If your organisation would like to host a VSA speaker, please email the VSA stakeholder engagement team.

We’ll do our best to provide a local speaker, at no cost (although donations are always welcome!). A speaker profile can be provided in advance for publicity purposes.

Host organisations typically provide a projector and screen so that speakers can talk to a PowerPoint, or show photos or video clips of their VSA assignment.


The aim of our speaking programme is to:

  • inspire more New Zealanders, especially young people, to volunteer with VSA.
  • promote the leadership, personal and professional benefits of volunteering with VSA.
  • make VSA known in every household as a trusted and successful New Zealand development organisation.
  • increase our support base and engagement with stakeholders.