Here’s some practical steps you can take to help you adapt to life back in Aotearoa New Zealand:

Use the professional support offered

You may be eligible to take advantage of VSA’s offer of professional support through careers and/or therapeutic counselling - check your volunteer contract for eligibility and details.

Look after yourself

Give yourself time. It’s fine to acknowledge this can be a challenging and stressful period. Perhaps put off any major decisions until you feel more settled. As time passes you may begin to sense that your assignment, rather than being your entire life, is becoming just one part of it.

Plan for some holiday time with close friends and whānau, when they have more time and are relaxed and can hear your stories.

Plan also by making lists of things you need to accomplish. Ticking these off can be satisfying and help you feel in control of your life.

Stay in touch with VSA

One aspect of overseas volunteering that many people enjoy is the oppportunity to meet new people. Don’t lose that on returning home – you can continue to enjoy meeting new and like-minded people through VSA Interest Groups and events.

You can keep in touch with VSA through:

  • Signing up for VSA updates
  • Attending VSA events
  • Helping to promote VSA's work through our speaking programme
  • Joining a VSA interest group