Charlotte W C NZ Herald article

Charlotte Welch-Cropp, a volunteer in the Solomons in 2016, is now a Downer contract manager.

Volunteering has benefited the 17 young professionals who have been through Downer’s partnership programme since it was set up in 2014, says the company’s talent development manager, Lisa Stafford.

Ms Stafford was interviewed by the NZ Herald for a story in August headed ‘Go further faster with volunteering’, which analyses how volunteering can have big career benefits.

VSA assignments have led to “a great deal of personal development”, says Ms Stafford, with the young staff having to learn to problem solve with more basic tools, machinery and infrastructure than they would have access to in New Zealand. "You can't just drive down to Bunnings and grab the stuff you need."

Charlotte Welch-Cropp, an infrastructure adviser in the Solomons in 2016 and now a contract manager at Downer, says the experience has given her the courage and resilience to work through any problem regardless of what limited resources and support she has around her.

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