Does anybody know where Miss Fletcher is now?

She was a VSA volunteer teacher in Sarawak in 1969, and one of her former students wants to get in touch. Ann Chin was taught English by Miss Fletcher at a Methodist School in Sibu 37 years ago.

Miss Fletcher 1

Mysterious Miss Fletcher (centre): where is she now?

Ann wrote to VSA in June 2016, saying she would love to let Miss Fletcher know that she is now an Auckland-based writer, and that her daughter Gabrielle is currently a VSA volunteer in the Solomon Islands.

Miss Fletcher 2Unfortunately, on checking our records, VSA could find no trace of a Miss Fletcher in Sarawak in 1969. Given it was common for single women then to change their surnames on marrying, we asked Ann whether she recalled Miss Fletcher’s first name.

She didn’t, but remembered Miss Fletcher as ‘very tall and slim’, and sent us these photos.

Who was Miss Fletcher, and where is she now? Email VSAConnect if you can assist.