Would you like to be a ‘conversation partner’ for a government official from Indonesia, Vietnam, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Myanmar, Mongolia or Timor-Leste?

It involves meeting an official for about one hour a week for 13 weeks. The officials spend most of their week in formal English classes in Wellington so the best times are weekends or evenings. They are here to improve their English, meet local Kiwis and other proficient English speakers, and get a taste of Kiwi life and culture.

Aged mainly in their 20s and 30s, the officials work in various government ministries in their home countries. They are on the ELTO programme (English Language Training for Officials), run by Accent Learning from Victoria University. It is sponsored by the NZ Aid Programme through the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Each of the three intakes in 2018 has a different theme:

Intake No. of officials Dates Theme
Group one 63 18 March to 15 June Governance
Group two 32 24 June to 31 August Trade and Agriculture
Group three 64 9 September to 7 December Disaster Risk Management

If you would like to be a conversation partner or for more information, please email Jo-Anne Carley, Accent Learning, or ph (04) 463 5042 or 022 563 6122.