What skills do you need to volunteer with VSA? Take a look below - you might be surprised. Our volunteers come from all industries and walks of life.

Arts, Media & Design

Arts, media and designShare your creative skills and experience and make a difference in the Pacific.

VSA often has a range of…

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Business & Strategy

Business & StrategyWe’re looking for business professionals to work with a range of partners in the private and public…

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Community Services & Development

Community Services & DevelopmentUse your experience and knowledge to support transformative change for communities in the wider…

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Education, Library & Training

Education, Library & TrainingInspire a love of learning across the Pacific.

Use your skills in teaching and learning to help…

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EngineeringWe’re looking for engineering professionals to volunteer and make a difference to local people and communities.


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Farming, Animals & Conservation

Farming, Animals & Conservation (e.g. agricultural, fishing, horticulture, veterinary services)Apply your skills and experience…

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FinanceUse your financial knowledge to support transformative change in the wider Pacific.

In the countries we work, there is a…

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Healthcare & Medical

Healthcare & MedicalMake an impact on health outcomes by sharing your expertise with hospitals, clinics, and tertiary…

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Human Resources & Recruitment

Human Resources & RecruitmentHelp improve HR policies, processes and organisational development to support local staff and…

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Information Technology

Information TechnologyShare your skills and knowledge and help improve information technology in the wider Pacific.


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Infrastructure (e.g. construction, surveying, urban planning)  Share your skills and experience to build resilient communities…

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LegalBring your legal expertise to a unique environment, and help make a difference in the Pacific.

VSA legal volunteers share…

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Marketing & Communications

Marketing & CommunicationsBring your marketing and communications expertise to a unique environment and help make a difference in…

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Office Administration

Office AdministrationUse your office administration experience in unique new environment, where your work can make a real…

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Policy & Governance

Policy & GovernanceWe’re looking for professionals to share their expertise and support transformative change across the wider…

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Science & Technology

Science & TechnologyUse your scientific and technical skills to support transformative change in the wider Pacific.

All VSA…

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TourismShare your skills and experience and help grow tourism across the wider Pacific.

VSA tourism volunteers came from a range…

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Trades & Services

Trades & Services  Bring your trade skills in the Pacific, and make a real difference.

If you are a qualified and experienced…

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