Horticulture Marketing Adviser

Closing Date: 11 Aug 2019

Interview: 13 & 14 September 2019

Pre-departure Briefing: 02 - 05 October or 20 - 23 November 2019

Expected Start Date: Jan or Feb 2020

Assignment Number: 41121

Duration: 1 year with the option to extend to 2 years by mutual agreement

Location: Viqueque, Timor-Leste

In this sustainable agro-enterprise development assignment you will work with ADRA as part of a locally identified team to grow the rural economy of Viqueque through market-orientated agro-enterprise and improve food security in Timor-Leste.

The project aims to connect smallholder farmers to identified value chains; increase yields, sales and cash reserves; and improve overall family well-being. It is anticipated that as a result of project activities, markets will be better supplied, value chains strengthened, food security increased, and trade deficits reduced.

The locally based project team are responsible for developing and delivering training to farmers so they can  better understand value chains and market systems, how they communicate with traders, meet market demands, and collect marketing of their produce in agro-enterprises.  This assignment will be responsible for strengthening capacity of the project management team to ensure they effectively communicate and educate local farmers in market orientated agro-enterprise.

Drawing on your blended experience of marketing in the horticulture sector you will take a flexible, adaptive approach to relationship building, be resourceful, and comfortable working in environments with minimal resources.

This would be an ideal opportunity for someone who in keen to utilise their experience and make a real impact on the lives of people in Viqueque, Timor Leste.

We are looking for a volunteer with:

  • Proven experience in the horticultural sector
  • Background in marketing horticultural products, including conducting market surveys
  • Experience with small to medium business development, including strategies planning and monitoring
  • Ability to work alongside farmers to identify and follow through on market opportunities
  • Ability to develop training material and deliver training
  • Strong administrative skills and computer literacy

VSA volunteers receive a living allowance and accommodation, insurance, and medical costs are provided. Travel arrangements are organised and funded by VSA along with other costs.

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