Fisheries Compliance Adviser

Closing Date: 22 Sep 2019

Interview: 18 & 19 October 2019

Pre-departure Briefing: 20 - 23 November 2019

Expected Start Date: Jan or Feb 2020

Assignment Number: 41124

Duration: 1-year

Location: South Tarawa, Kiribati

You could play a crucial role in establishing coastal fisheries monitoring in Kiribati. The Coastal Fisheries Division (CFD) under the Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Resources Development (MFMRD) currently has no separate functioning unit to address coastal monitoring, control and surveillance (MSC) issues in Kiribati.  In this assignment, you will support the establishment of a unit and train CFD staff in coastal MSC and enforcement operations.

This is a great opportunity to work alongside MFMRD to support fisheries management, develop economic growth and provide sustainable livelihoods for the benefit of the people of Kiribati.

We are looking for a volunteer with:

  • Bachelor degree in fisheries management or a related field
  • Demonstrated experience of practically implementing fisheries enforcement programs
  • Experience in fisheries compliance (MSC&E)
  • Experience delivering on-the-job training programmes

VSA volunteers receive a living allowance and accommodation, insurance, and medical costs are provided. Travel arrangements are organised and funded by VSA along with other costs.

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