English Language Trainer

Closing Date: 14 Apr 2019

Interview: 24 & 25 May 2019

Pre-departure Briefing: 17-20 July 2019

Expected Start Date: 19-29 August 2019

Assignment Number: 41180

Duration: 1 year

Location: Tarawa, Kiribati

Volunteer Service Abroad covers costs while you are on assignment, including travel, accommodation, living allowance and more. 

The Marine Training Centre (MTC) in Kiribati is a government education institution that provides training to young I-Kiribati to become qualified seafarers.

After independence, seafaring  presented as the best overseas employment opportunity for I-Kiribati. The Government of Kiribati recognised the importance of labour migration to improve employment opportunity for I-Kiribati; promote economic and social development; and help alleviate poverty.

MTC prepares seafarers for employment on foreign merchant ships and fishing boats, which provides long-term career opportunities for I-Kiribati. Strong written and verbal communication skills in English are essential to gaining employment on these vessels.

In this assignment you will work alongside the Head of Deck Department (MTC) to improve the curriculum, analyse teaching methods and also work with students to improve their English communication skills.

Using the Common European Framework of Reference, you will assess the current competencies of the existing teaching workforce, and develop their capabilities in assessment, monitoring and lesson planning.

You will also work with teachers to produce new resource materials and run workshops designed to upskill staff on resource utilisation.

This is a unique opportunity for you to shape and change the employment outcomes for I-Kiribati in the Maritime sector.


We are looking for a volunteer with:

  • Experience in teaching English as a second language
  • Experience in mentoring and professional development of staff
  • Experience in assessment and moderation processes
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word

VSA volunteers receive a living allowance and accommodation, insurance, and medical costs are provided. Travel arrangements are organised and funded by VSA along with other costs.

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