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Civil / Family Law Mentor

Closing Date: 07 Jul 2019

Interview: 09 & 10 August 2019

Pre-departure Briefing: 02 - 05 October 2019

Expected Start Date: Oct 2019 or Jan 2020

Assignment Number: 41231

Duration: 2-years

Location: Honiara, Solomon Islands

  • Bring your skills and experience to improve legal systems in the Solomon Islands
  • Increase access to legal support for all Solomon Islanders
  • Volunteer Service Abroad covers costs while you are on assignment, including travel, accommodation, living allowance and more

This is an assignment for someone who is passionate about upskilling young lawyers and improving judicial systems in developing countries. This assignment is based in the Public Solicitor’s office (PSO) in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

The PSO was established to provide legal representation for disadvantaged people appearing before the courts. They work in various areas including criminal, family, and land law. Over the last three years, the PSO has focused on building capacity in family protection.

Currently the PSO has a shortage of experienced lawyers to provide effective legal assistance for those facing criminal prosecution in Solomon Islands.

You will be working alongside PSO Management and the Solomon Islands Justice Programme’s (SLJP) Training and Professional Development Adviser. Together you will develop the legal capability of the lawyers of the PSO. This will involve mentoring, advising and implementing an ongoing education programme.

Supporting the lawyers with their preparation, written submissions, applications and advising them during court appearances will lead to an improved justice system and access to justice in the provinces.

This assignment requires you to be creative and adaptable in your approach and comfortable working with minimal resources. 

VSA assignments provide a unique opportunity for professional development by sharing your skills to build thriving communities in the Pacific and beyond.

We are looking for a volunteer with:

  • At least three years of post-admission experience preferably in civil and/or family law
  • The ability to analyse files and direct further enquiries and preparation
  • Experience drafting court applications and submissions to a high standard
  • Experience providing legal training to colleagues
  • The ability to work in low-resource environments
  • The ability to work alongside lawyers some of who struggle to use analytical skills

VSA volunteers receive a living allowance and accommodation, insurance, and medical costs are provided. Travel arrangements are organised and funded by VSA along with other costs.

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