Audio Visual Technician Trainer

Closing Date: 10 March 2020

Location: Kiribati

Category: Marketing, Communication & Multi Media

Nei Tabera Ni Kai (NTNK) is an audio visual production organisation that has been operating since 1996.  It has produced an abundance of material focused on Kiribati culture and knowledge and has documented what residents call “te katei ni Kiribati” – the Kiribati way.  Work is currently underway to archive and protect its material for future generations.
In this assignment you will support NTNK staff, as well as the Kiribati National Archives’ Office and the Ministry of Education with the archiving process.   You will provide advice on the current status of NTNK’s audio visual equipment and provide recommendations for repair or purchase.  You will also support staff to digitalise the files, as well as help them with the cataloguing process and uploading them to an easily accessible website.
This is a 10-month opportunity to help preserve Kiribati history and culture – a country seeing and feeling the impacts of a climate crisis every day.  Help document the resilience of i-Kiribati people and their unique approach to living in a tough oceanic environment for thousands of years!  
 We are looking for a volunteer with:
  • Demonstrated Audio Visual Technician experience.
  • Experience working with audio visual transfer software such as Switch Audio Converter, VIDBOX and VCS2M Video Conversion Suite
  • Technical skills for multimedia production and proficiency with computer systems
  • Familiarity with editing equipment and software

VSA volunteers receive a living allowance and accommodation, insurance, and medical costs are provided. Travel arrangements are organised and funded by VSA along with other costs.

VSA covers flights, accommodation, insurance and some expenses. A living allowance is also provided.