Small-Scale Poultry Production Trainer Mentor

Closing Date: 21 June 2024

Category: Education & Training

Change your scene and become a VSA Volunteer and share your experience, knowledge, and skills to transform the lives of many. Work with our partner organisation to create a fair future for all. 
VSA will organise and fund, flights, visas, insurance, accommodation, living allowance and utilities while on assignment. 

Please note VSA Volunteers must be a NZ citizen or permanent resident. 

Volunteering with VSA 
Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) is not your typical volunteering agency, we are committed to building sustainable communities across the Pacific. If you’re an experienced in Poultry Production, looking for an extraordinary overseas experience in the Pacific to build into your field of expertise – working collaboratively with the Archdiocese of Rabaul (Catholic Women’s Association) then read on, as we have an exciting opportunity in store for you!
Our Partner Organisation - Archdiocese of Rabaul (Catholic Women’s Association)
The Catholic Women's Association of the Archdiocese of Rabaul was established with the objectives of promoting the spiritual, emotional, cultural, and socio-economic development of women and their families.

The family unit plays a central role in our society and is critical to building and maintaining the spiritual, emotional, physical, psychosocial, and economic well-being of the individual. In addition to fostering spiritual growth, the Catholic Women's Association plays a vital role in supporting communities in various ways.

They offer life skills programmes to empower women and help them reach their potential. Additionally, the Association provides support and resources for families, including those in crisis. They also engage in fundraising for charitable causes and provide a platform for women to network, build friendships, and support each other on their spiritual journeys. While the family unit remains the cornerstone of society in PNG and an indispensable means of providing a caring, nurturing, and supporting environment, it is increasingly facing multipronged challenges.

The Assignment
This assignment is a partnership assignment between VSA and the Archdiocese of Rabaul (Catholic Women’s Association).

In this assignment, a qualified and experienced in small scale poultry production VSA Volunteer is required to provide training on small-scale poultry production to farmers in East New Britain Province.

The training aims to enhance participants' knowledge and skills in poultry rearing, management, and marketing, ultimately improving their livelihoods and contributing to food security in the province.

One of the goals is to promote local production of poultry and eggs to meet the increasing demand, which is expected to persist due to population growth.
To address this, the Archdiocese of Rabaul, in collaboration with NARI and ENBDAL, aims to encourage and assist more people in sustainable poultry farming by imparting essential poultry husbandry skills to farmers and households. If trained farmers apply the knowledge and skills gained and receive support from the trainer-mentor, poultry farming can significantly contribute to the Province in several ways:
• Enhancing food and nutrition security
• Providing income generation opportunities, thus reducing poverty
• Offering an affordable and nutritious source of animal protein
• Supporting the Province’s self-sufficiency in poultry production
• Encouraging and empowering more women to start poultry-based microenterprises

The Volunteer

Are you someone who wants to make a difference, have a sense of adventure and like the challenge of being outside your comfort zone?  VSA Volunteers are technical experts who impart their skills and knowledge to the local community. You will need to be flexible, adaptable, resourceful, resilient with a passion for Aotearoa and the wider Pacific community.

We're looking for a volunteer with the following:

  •  A qualification in agriculture, animal science, or a related field.
  •  At least 5 years of practical experience in small-scale poultry   production.
  •  Proven track record in delivering training programs to farmers or rural communities. 
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and facilitation skills.
  • Knowledge and understanding of biosecurity rules and animal welfare.
• Experience in designing and delivering training programmes.
• Experience working in developing countries.

The Country

Most people living in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are Melanesian, but some are Micronesian or Polynesian. PNG has over 800 known languages although there are three official languages: Tok Pisin, English, and Hiri Motu. Numerous indigenous languages are still used by people from a society that ranges from traditional village-based life to modern urban living.

Underlying the Papua New Guinean culture is the wantok system. Wantok, or ‘one talk’, refers to the people who speak your language or your extended family/clan; a Papua New Guinean’s primary loyalty will be to their wantok.
The country is predominately Christian, with indigenous faith and spirituality still important to many locals.
The people of Papua New Guinea are famously warm and hospitable and the isolated mountain ranges are often home to unique fauna and flora found nowhere else in the world.
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We are looking for a volunteer with:

  • 4-6 months Volunteering opportunity in Papua New Guinea
  • Flights, accommodation and other expenses covered by VSA
  • Make a lasting difference across the Pacific

VSA covers flights, accommodation, insurance and some expenses. A living allowance is also provided.