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Closing Date: 13 March 2024

Category: Healthcare & Medical

Change your scene and become a VSA Volunteer and share your experience, knowledge, and skills to transform the lives of many. Work with our partner organisation to create a fair future for all. 
VSA will organise and fund, flights, visas, insurance, accommodation, living allowance and utilities while on assignment. 

Please note VSA Volunteers must be a NZ citizen or permanent resident. 

Volunteering with VSA 
Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) is not your typical volunteering agency, we are committed to building sustainable communities across the Pacific. If you’re an experienced medical professional, looking for an extraordinary overseas experience in the Pacific to build into your field of expertise – working collaboratively with the Churches of Christ Medical Santo team in Vanuatu, then read on, as we have an exciting opportunity in store for you!

Our Partner Organisation - Churches of Christ Medical Santo known as "Medical Santo."
Churches of Christ Medical Santo (Medical Santo) is a Christian not-for-profit humanitarian aid organisation, registered in Vanuatu as a Charitable Association to provide Primary Health Services and support to the existing health services in Northern Vanuatu.

They are dedicated to working in partnership with the Vanuatu Ministry of Health to provide support and to build the capacity of local medical staff in a way which respects the local community, meets human needs both physical and spiritual, and works for a lasting change in the lives of all those they interact

The Assignment
In this assignment, a VSA volunteer doctor would bring a wealth of experience and capability into the clinic by treating the everyday medical conditions and many unusual conditions that some patients have put up with and suffered with for their whole life.

The VSA Volunteer would contribute to improving the health of the people in the northern islands of Vanuatu through the provision of quality health services based out of the Medical Santo clinic in Luganville.

The Volunteer would assist with expanding the Clinic services into the rural communities of Espiritu Santo and provide Continuing Medical Education (CME), training and mentoring to the Medical Santo staff.

The Volunteer would bring current international medical information and procedures into the mainstream of Vanuatu services thus encouraging and supporting staff whilst building capacity into the Vanuatu system.

The Volunteer
Are you someone who wants to make a difference, have a sense of adventure and like the challenge of being outside your comfort zone?  VSA Volunteers are technical experts who impart their skills and knowledge to the local community. You will need to be flexible, adaptable, resourceful, resilient with a passion for Aotearoa and the wider Pacific community. 

We're looking for a volunteer with the following:

  • A Registered Medical Practitioner with no license restrictions
  • At least 5 years clinical and hospital experience
  • The ability to work independently in a low resource setting with help of a small but dedicated team.
Having experience in working in a rural/remote/indigenous/acute/emergency or third-world medical care is desirable but not essential.

The Country 
Vanuatu is situated on a volcanic archipelago of 86 islands where traditional lifestyles exist side by side with modern tourist resorts. Around 110 indigenous languages are still spoken by an average of only 2,000 people per language, making it the country with the highest density of languages per capita in the world. 

The Vanuatu programme strategy is guided by Vanuatu 2030 The People’s 
Plan which prioritises social and economic development, as well as economic 
growth, with a vision of a stable, sustainable and prosperous Vanuatu. The 
Plan focuses on improving the wellbeing of the people (society); protecting 
and enhancing the environment, and maximising opportunities for shared 

Apply Now! 
Apply for this amazing opportunity through our website. For more information on this assignment, email

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We are looking for a volunteer with:

  • Broaden your experience and volunteer in Vanuatu
  • Your knowledge is needed! Impart your skills to make a difference,
  • Flights, accommodation and other expenses covered by VSA.

VSA covers flights, accommodation, insurance and some expenses. A living allowance is also provided.