Landscape & Planning Adviser

Closing Date: 19 December 2023

Category: Education & Training

Change your scene and become a VSA Volunteer and share your experience, knowledge, and skills to transform the lives of many. Work with our partner organisation to create a fair future for all. 
VSA will organise and fund, flights, visas, insurance, accommodation, living allowance and utilities while on assignment. 

Please note VSA Volunteers must be a NZ citizen or permanent resident. 

Volunteering with VSA 
Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) is not your typical volunteering agency, we are committed to building sustainable communities across the Pacific. If you’re an experienced Landscape & Planning Adviser, looking for an extraordinary overseas experience in the Pacific to build into your field of expertise – working collaboratively with the Planning Safety & Maintenance Division (PSM) and the National University of Samoa (NUS), then read on, as we have an exciting opportunity in store for you!
Our Partner Organisation - 

The National University of Samoa (NUS) was established in 1984, to cater to increasing demand for higher education, initially beginning with only 45 students that kickstarted the University Preparatory Programme.

Since then, the University has seen substantial progress and development in academic, vocation and technical training programmes.

In 2022, the NUS corporate went through a restructure which resulted in the establishment of the Planning, Safety and Maintenance (PSM) Division in July 2022.

This Division merged three sections:

Property Maintenance, Occupational, Health and Safety (OHS) and Planning Unit. Property Maintenance (PM) is responsible for the maintenance and management of physical facilities,

OHS is responsible for the safety and health of employees, by providing sound advice with regards to the infrastructure and systems in place.
The OHS also houses the cleaning staff, ensuring the sanitation and hygiene of spaces at NUS.

Lastly the Planning Unit is responsible for infrastructural projects to further support and develop the University.

Ensuring these projects are guided by existing tactical plans and sub-plans in place.

The Assignment

In this assignment a VSA volunteer can contribute to the achievement of the organisations purpose and long-term goal of sustainability.

In the NUS Strategy 2030, the University aims to provide safe and sustainable campuses by integrating sustainability principles in our planning, governance and decision-making.

Environmental sustainability has become a large part of any project, research, training and education programmes conducted at the NUS.

Creating a landscaping plan also contributes greatly to the management and maintenance of our campuses’ environment.

The Volunteer

Are you someone who wants to make a difference, have a sense of adventure and like the challenge of being outside your comfort zone?  VSA Volunteers are technical experts who impart their skills and knowledge to the local community. You will need to be flexible, adaptable, resourceful, resilient with a passion for Aotearoa and the wider Pacific community.

We're looking for a volunteer with the following:

  • Effective communications skills
  • Strong work ethic and commitment
  • Leadership skills

The Country

Samoa, is situated in the South Pacific approximately halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. It sits squarely in the cyclone belt and is highly vulnerable to devastating storms. Around three-quarters of its 195,000 population live on the main island of Upolu; the rest live on the neighbouring island of Savai'i or one of the seven small islets.
The traditional Samoan way, the fa’a Samoa, remains a strong force in Samoan life and politics where family is all-important, and elders are highly respected.
Each village is made up of extended families that are represented on the village council by a chief (matai). The more western-style parliamentary system in Samoa is highly influenced by traditional social systems and the family, civic and political duties performed by the matai at village level. The country is predominantly Christian.

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We are looking for a volunteer with:

  • Make a real difference in the beautiful Samoa!
  • Enjoy working outdoors, with a great team, and an exciting, varied workload!
  • Flights, in country accommodation are provided by VSA!

VSA covers flights, accommodation, insurance and some expenses. A living allowance is also provided.