Agribusiness Development Mentor

Closing Date: 21 December 2022

Category: Agriculture & Horticultural Sustainability

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About volunteering with VSA

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Our Partner Organisation

Mabiri was established through an innovative partnership between the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG), the GoPNG Department of Justice and Attorney-General and the Catholic Diocese – the roles and responsibilities of each organisation is detailed in an MOU signed in December 2015.
The Mabiri concept, infrastructure, and partnership development, has been generously supported by the Australian Government, initially through the PNG-Australia Law and Justice Partnership (PLJAP), then Justice Services and Stability for Development (JSS4D) programmes.
The Nazareth Centre for Rehabilitation (NCFR) has been contracted by the ABG to manage the MJRC.

The concept of Mabiri includes focusing on strength and evidence-based practice that incorporates holistic restorative justice activities so that family and communities are involved with the juvenile’s rehabilitation journey.
Mabiri will focus on creating a conducive environment to support the welfare and wellbeing of juveniles while they receive rehabilitation programmes.
The rehabilitation programmes will target the core issues contributing to the juvenile’s behaviours with the aim of working towards sustainable positive change in the juvenile’s behaviours and attitude. Implementing partners intend to establish Mabiri into a facility that has a strong foundation around education, peace, and reconciliation.

The Assignment

In this assignment a VSA volunteer will support with the establishment of the JJS4D-funded economic development projects at the Centre and once embedded, incorporate revenue into ongoing Centre operations.

The Volunteer

We're looking for a volunteer with the following:

  • Training/qualification in a relevant discipline e.g., business, economics, agriculture, development studies, or related area practical experience in agribusiness such as breeding, production, contracts, distribution, marketing, and sales
  • Experience and knowledge of poultry or pigs, or other livestock production/care   
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We are looking for a volunteer with:

  • 12 Months assignment in Bougainville
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