Sign Language Trainer

Closing Date: 21 December 2022

Category: Education & Training

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Our Partner Organisation

Ministry of Education Inclusive Education Unit
An Education Sector Study identified that children with disabilities were often excluded from Education, and the Inclusive Education (IE) Unit was subsequently established in 2007.
The Unit is under the authority of the Ministry of Education and Training, and currently has 8 staff, with 3 staff working in the special education class, and 5 staff providing the IE support in mainstream schools.

The purpose of this unit is to support the education of all children to ensure that they participate in education and progress well.
Staff within the IE Unit work for and with ECE centres, primary schools and secondary schools as requested.

In 2007 the first special education class was opened in the central area for all children with disabilities in Tonga age 5-12 who cannot attend mainstream schools. The IE support program began in 2017 to support the education of
children with learning difficulties in prima

The Assignment

In this assignment a VSA volunteer will provide support and assistance in strengthening capacity, working alongside teachers to teach deaf children and those with hearing difficulties to communicate using sign language.

Teachers, children, and families will benefit through:
  • Improved and effective strategies for teaching deaf children and those with hearing difficulties
  • Improved sign language learning opportunities for children and their families
  • Access to quality learning in the classroom for all students

The Volunteer

We're looking for a volunteer with the following:

  • Excellent knowledge and skills in sign language
  • Excellent communication skills in sign language
  • 5-10 years of experience in teaching sign language
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Creativity to cater for diverse children with hearing difficulties
  • Understanding and respect cultural differences
  • Ability to monitor progress of teachers and children in sign language
  • Teamwork

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We are looking for a volunteer with:

  • 12 Months assignment in the Kingdom of Tonga
  • Volunteer with VSA
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