Facilities Management Adviser

Closing Date: 04 October 2022

Category: Youth Engagement & Community Development

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About volunteering with VSA

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Our Partner Organisation

The National Sports Council (NSC) of Solomon Islands was started by an act of Parliament in 1988. The purpose of the organisation is to foster and promote the development of sport and recreation in Solomon Islands; provide facilities for sport and physical recreation; conduct research and disseminate knowledge
and advice on matters relating to sport and physical recreation; and collaborate with external stakeholders to secure benefits from facilities, training and expertise offered. Currently NSC is working with other local stakeholders to prepare for the 2023 Pacific Games to be held in Solomon Islands - the largest sporting event in Solomon’s history.

Currently the organisation has six staff and is working towards recruiting staff into the different roles identified in preparation for the 2023 Pacific Games.
One of the departments within NSC is the Facilities Management Unit (FMU). The FMU is tasked with management and administration of all facilities that will be used during the 2023 Pacific Games.

The Assignment

In this assignment the volunteer is to support the FMU to establish good practices and systems in facility management and operations. As this will be the first time one organisation has had responsibility over so many different sporting facilities in Solomon Islands, the FMU will require some mentoring of its staff to ensure the facilities are well managed, operated and maintained.

The Volunteer

We are looking for a volunteer with:

  •  At least five years’ experience managing facility operations.
  •  Extensive experience in and knowledge of purchasing, supplies,               grounds keeping, and equipment maintenance and repair.
  •  Strong contract management and administration development capabilities.
  •  Experience developing and/or implementing facility booking systems.
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We are looking for a volunteer with:

  • At least five years' experience managing facility operations.
  • Strong contract management and administration development capabilities.
  • Experience developing and/or implementing facility booking systems.