Support and benefits

Volunteering provides a valuable contribution to development around the globe. As a VSA volunteer, we offer you a comprehensive support package to help you make the most of your time volunteering with us. 

Before you go…

  • Pre-departure briefing 
  • Airfares & baggage allowance 
  • Visas 
  • Travel insurance 
  • Medical clearance & vaccinations 

On assignment…

  • In-country orientation & language training 
  • Accommodation & utilities 
  • Living allowance  
  • Safety & security support provided by our in-country staff  

When you come home…

  • Debriefing on return to NZ 
  • Career counselling  
  • Membership to the Returned Volunteer Network 


Additional costs and grants are dependent on the assignment. 


For e-volunteers working from Aotearoa New Zealand, we provide you with: 

Before you start… 

  • Virtual pre-deployment briefing 
  • VSA email account. 

On assignment… 

  • Structured orientation programme 
  • Nominal monthly allowance to cover internet and phone costs 
  • Support provided by VSA staff 

At the end of your assignment… 

  • Debriefing 
  • Membership to the Returned Volunteer Network