Whose points of views and values, along with perspectives are illustrated in this story? 

  1. For some of the youth at WAN SMOL BAG, what is their vision for the future?

  2. What is Wan Smol Bag’s vision?

  3. Can you find out more about their youth programme?

  4. What are some of the other youth leadership and particpation intitiatives they organise?

  5. How do  these initiatives help empower youth?

  6. What do you think might be some of  the consequences of a high youth population in Vanuatu?

  7. Are the challenges harder for young women?

  8. What are the opportunities for 15 – 30 year olds in Vanuatu?

  9. Will many of these young people will go on to further education?

  10. What do they love about their island life? 

  11. Can you add a human rights perspective to the issue of youth employment in Vanuatu?

  12. Can you find out some other solutions the country is exploring for investing in skills training and improved health for young people?

  13. What are the issues youth grapple with that can prevent them reaching their potential both as individuals and collectively?

Vanuatu Question Sheet