Whose points of views and values, along with perspectives are illustrated in this story?


    1. What does Roi love about her job?

    2. What do you think are the challenges for Kiribati youth?

    3. Why is Lily hopeful?

    4. Why does Lily inspire Roi?

    5. What do elders in Kiribati society value?

    6. What are some cultural barriers for young people?

    7. Why are some of the plants used for making handicrafts becoming scarce? 

    8. How are young people making change in their own community?  

    9. What innovative solutions are Roi’s friends suggesting to combat against climate change?

    10. Give an example of taking action in the community that Roi has experienced. 

    11. Why is this action effective? 

    12. What examples of innovativeness and creativity are expressed in this story?

    13. Find out more about AMAC in Kiribati. What is their vision?  What are they doing to encourage relevant learning for future livelihoods?

    14. Can you find out what are the options for young people who choose not to go on to formal education?

    15. Why is the issue of youth empowerment important in Kiribati?

    16. What social impacts of climate change does this story illustrate?

    17. Taking Action
      Wherever we are in the world we can be part of the solution.

      How can you be allies of Roi and her friends in Kiribati? 


Kiribati Question Sheet