Whose points of views and values, along with perspectives are illustrated in this story? 

  1. What do the girls from Chabai, in Bougainville value?

  2. What do the elders in the village think about unemployed youth?

  3. What does Anne, the VSA volunteer want for the girls?

  4. Why did Anne call her approach ‘economic empowerment’?

  5. What is the cultural perspective about menstruation?  Why does this create a barrier for the women and girls?

  6. How are the girls feeling now – what has given them a sense of empowerment?

  7. How does Anne’s story highlight the importance of environmental sustainability?  What other types of sustainability does the story illustrate?

  8. Can you find out more about The Nazareth Centre in Bougainville?

  9. Why is the issue of women and girls empowerment big in Bougainville?


Bougainville Question Sheet