In 1968, the colonial government established the Women Affairs unit under the Ministry of Health and Family Planning to oversee the development of existing women’s group in Kiribati. After the country’s independence and the government’s restructure, the women affairs unit was transferred to the Ministry of Environment and Social Affairs which was then followed by the setup of AMAK in 1982.

AMAK became quasi-government in 1995 until 2010 when it separated from the government. In 2011, AMAK registered as an NGO under the Incorporated Society Act. AMAK is now the mother association that coordinates women’s groups under the direction of the National Council of Women consisting of representatives from member organisations. A President and Vice-President leads the council as executives who are elected for a term of 3 years by a General Assembly during a conference which is held every 3 years.

AMAK’s objective is to provide coordination, conduct research and training, formulate development strategies and plans and establish networks and seek assistance for members locally and abroad. Membership in AMAK is currently by 35 women’s groups from all the islands of Kiribati.