2.1.2022 - The Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) and Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) are now collaborating to support tourism in the region.

Based in Suva, Fiji, SPTO is the mandated organisation that represents tourism in the region, and it has a clear strategy to move the sector forward sustainably after the devastation of COVID-19 hit the industry.

Tourism’s GDP contributions ranged from 20% to as high as 60% in some countries in the Pacific, as such the impacts of COVID-19 have been particularly devastating for economies that have been heavily reliant on the industry.

“With this in mind, the industry will take several years to recover. It is an important industry in the Pacific, and we owe it to our future generations to rethink, reset and build back better so that Pacific tourism is more sustainable” says Chris Cocker, Chief Executive Officer, SPTO.

The organisation wants to reinvigorate tourism using evidence-based planning and digital transformation.  It has partnered with VSA to access New Zealand volunteers who can share their knowledge and experience to help achieve tourism that reflects each Pacific country’s unique culture and landscape, while at the same time, safeguarding the environment and business framework for future generations.

Chris visited VSA’s head office in Wellington in January 2022. In this video, he talks about the partnership with VSA and what a sustainable tourism sector will look like in the Pacific.

 Read more about SPTO on their website Pacific Tourism Organisation | Official Website (southpacificislands.travel)