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Tagio Tumas!

Published on 24th May 2017

As he finishes up his stint in the Solomons, Howie Smith reflects on his time there... Read More

Settling in to Honiara

Published on 19th May 2017

A small hiccup of fog in Christchurch meant that I missed my connecting flight to Honiara. So I ended up staying a night in Brisbane before making it to Honiara the following day. After this false start, the first week and a half has gone really well. Read More

Cyclone Donna from the volunteer perspective

Published on 12th May 2017

Tropical Cyclone Donna left Vanuatu on May 9 after taking a long slow trajectory over the country. While full reports of the damage done, especially in the harder-hit northern regions, are yet to come in, our volunteers have already noticed the less obvious impacts cyclones can have. Read More

Birthday amid cyclone chaos

Published on 11th May 2017


Volunteer Wendy Griffin celebrated her birthday in Vanuatu amid the recent chaos of Tropical Cyclone Donna. She shares her experience with us... Read More

Acclimatisation: Arawa

Published on 8th May 2017

Acclimatisation: Arawa

One of our newest volunteers to Bougainville shares the highs and lows of exercising in a lush, humid climate... Read More

Sign Language Week a good reminder of deaf communities in the Pacific

Published on 8th May 2017

This week is National Sign Language Week in New Zealand. It's a timely reminder of the struggles facing Deaf communities across the wider Pacific where we work. Read More

Allanah Kidd - climate change awareness in Fiji

Published on 26th April 2017

Allanah Kidd - climate change awareness in Fiji

Allanah Kidd volunteered as Climate Change Programme Officer with UN Women in their Multi Country Office based in Suva, Fiji from May 2015 to January 2017. Read More

Paulina Szczygiel - education in Timor-Leste

Published on 19th April 2017

Paulina Szczygiel - education in Timor-Leste

Paulina worked as an education adviser for six months with Care International in Timor-Leste. She and a team of four Timorese writers produced a popular, nationwide educational magazine, Lafaek, from September 2016 to March 2017. She had already been living in Timor-Leste for over two years, with her partner who... Read More

Remembering Sheena Hudson

Published on 18th April 2017

Remembering Sheena Hudson

Sheena Hudson, a dear member of the VSA whānau, passed away earlier this month. Carolyn Mark, VSA's former Volunteer Recruitment Manager, shares her memories of Sheena. Read More

Depression Awareness Week in Kiribati

Published on 13th April 2017

Depression Awareness Week in Kiribati

A screengrab of the first text message sent as part of Depression Awareness Week in both Kiribati and English Read More

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