Choose your adventure - volunteer with local people in the Pacific & beyond

All VSA assignments are created by local people to meet local needs – so our volunteers only work where there is a genuine need. 

Right now, in the Pacific and beyond, Kiwi volunteers are working on everything from disaster recovery in Vanuatu to special education in Samoa and safe drinking water in Timor-Leste. Together with our partners, VSA volunteers are building local businesses, providing education and improving health, safeguarding the environment and fostering good governance, delivering nearly 200 community-driven and owned projects. 

By registering your skills and interest in volunteering today, you too could take on your own adventure in the future.

How does VSA work? 

All VSA volunteer assignments are based on our principle of skills-sharing, where committed volunteers work alongside local people to help them build a better future for themselves and their children. We look for people who are positive, flexible and resilient with great relationship-building and mentoring skills. As a VSA volunteer, we’ll cover the costs of flights, accommodation, and a living allowance. Visas, insurance, medical costs and some other costs are organised and funded by VSA. We'll also cover the costs for couples who apply for longer-term assignments (6-months or over).  

"I have absolutely no regrets. It can be frustrating, yet  rewarding, but ultimately it's an adventure."

 - Trevor Gatland, Returned volunteer

Who can volunteer?

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, including business, communications, engineering, IT, horticulture, health, and tourism.

Aged 25-75, you may be a few years into your career looking for professional development or a meaningful overseas experience without the 'tourist' tag. You may share the same story as many of our volunteers - VSA is something you have always thought about, you have years of experience in your field, and your children are grown - now is the time to take on a new challenge.

"Volunteering is not what you'd expect. You expect to be the one being useful and changing people's lives, when in reality you're the one who ends up changing. It's a very humbling experience." 

 - Daria Romanos, Returned volunteer

Where are VSA assignments?

Our volunteers are based around the wider-Pacific in the following locations: Bougainville, Cambodia, Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste, Tonga, and Vanuatu. We occasionally place volunteers outside of these locations, but our focus is regional where we can make the biggest difference. 

"You could write a book, it's been so life-changing." 

- Tony Bovill, Returned volunteer


Connecting people - transforming lives

If you're looking for a new adventure - to share your skills for positive change - then register your interest with us today