Johannes Gambo is Programme Manager for Papua New Guinea, and responsible for strategic and operational management of the PNG Programme. Johannes is result-oriented and enjoys helping people and organisations build their capacities and capabilities, unlock opportunities, achieve impactful results and deliver better outcomes. 

Before joining VSA in 2015, Johannes was a successful Bottleneck and Improvement Consultant.  He has consulted for international organisations such as UNICEF, for which he worked in several countries including Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and Ghana. One of his innovative projects was recognised at the 71st annual session of the United Nations.  

Johannes holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Commercial Law (Hons) from the University of Auckland. On completion of his master’s degree, he joined the Department of Internal Affairs, driven by his passion  to serve the people. Johannes believes in the spirit of public service, and the indispensable role public services play in improving citizens’ wellbeing and enabling them to achieve their potential. 

In a career spanning more than ten years in the public sector, he worked in various roles and projects and also pursued further studies in Information and Communication Technology.  He graduated with a Master of Computing with a focus on using ICT for Development (ICT4D). Johannes brings a broad range of experience and expertise in using new technologies and disciplined implementation processes to drive innovation and achieve impactful outcomes.