14.10.2019 - Referred to as “The Voice of the Nation” since 1952 the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) provides entertainment, news and current affairs, cultural and educational programming and is the only media source capable of reaching the Solomon’s 900+ islands.  An important part of Solomon Islands’ huge affection for the SIBC are its talented and dedicated team – including veteran broadcaster Moddie Nanau.

Originally from Are' are in Malaita Province, Moddie joined SIBC in 1983 at the age of 16 as a Junior Radio Presenter.  Over many years of presenting and producing in 2013 she was appointed Head of Production and last year saw a change of direction for Moddie when she was appointed Manager Sales and Marketing. 

Over the years Moddie has made an outstanding contribution to the media in the Solomon Islands including being the recipient of several international media awards and an MBE in 2016.  Moddie is a household name in Solomon Island homes and to many it is Moddie Nanau who is “The Voice of the Nation”.

As SIBC have just completed their first partnership with VSA we sat down with Moddie to share her impressions of SIBC, challenges she faces and how she found working with VSA:

What is special about SIBC: SIBC provides credible and trustworthy coverage nationwide and is there in good times and in times of need.   SIBC provides an important link to the past and to the future with its broad coverage of news, cultural and historic events.   

What drives you: My passion and love for the job.  I am in the very fortunate position to be the mouthpiece for the unspeakable, eyes for the invisible and ears for the unreachable.  Although I am the first to acknowledge that none of this would be possible without the strong support from my family and SIBC colleagues.

What challenges face you: Switching from the Broadcasting and Production side of the business to Sales and Marketing has been a big personal challenge, especially as I have no formal training in this area. 

How have you found working with VSA: This is SIBC’s first time working with VSA and we greatly appreciate Pip’s (Pip Austin) knowledge and experience, along with being helpful, approachable and working alongside not only the Sales and Marketing Team but all the SIBC Team.

What have you gained personally from working with VSA: Practical knowledge and tools to do my work better.  Also, the confidence that  I can do a role that was completely new to me. 

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SIBC – Sales Marketing Team including VSA Volunteer Pip Austin, July 2019