Yuval Jacob Zalk-Neale is VSA’s Online Communications Officer, originally from Israel and Germany. His role involves collecting all the great work that our volunteers, partner organisations and staff members do, and presenting it on our social media channels. He is responsible for crafting and monitoring our online presence across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and our website. He also edits videos and takes care of VSA’s presence at some of our external events. He works in the small Communications Team which helps him to deliver our vision on our social media channels. Yuval also works with other units across VSA such as recruitment, fundraising and IPU to help them to deliver the best outcomes by advising on the best social media strategies to use. In addition, Yuval is responsible for creating reports and analysing statistics about our online channels.

Yuval currently holds a key volunteering position with the long-running LGBTTQAIPNS+ organisation Rainbow Wellington as PR & Media Manager. In his role, he manages all facets of the social media channels and has written press releases for relevant issues and events across the rainbow community. In the past Yuval was the PR, Marketing and Media Manager at the Greenhouse Berlin. He holds a first degree in Law Studies from CLB in Israel and worked as a Bank Lawyer in G.Y. Levinson & Associates Law Company, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Before this, he worked at Mizrahi Tfachot Inc. Investment Centre, Israel.

Yuval has been involved in several human rights organisations, for example with the NGO Minds of Peace which aimed to connect people of different cultures and work to resolve conflict. He also held a position as Project Manager/Coordinator at an orphanage project in Kenya.

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