I joined the team in April 2021. It is an exciting and diverse position that works collaboratively across the whole organisation. My background in marketing, social media, digital marketing, brand management, and management. I have the great pleasure of managing a team of four staff within the MarComs Fundraising Team who engage VSA members, volunteers and the New Zealand public to increase the understanding of the needs of developing countries and the opportunity to be part of that future. We also support volunteers/partners assignments through special grants to expediate their outcomes with small financial assistance.

In terms of ensuring the performance of the team, I am responsible for leadership, guidance, mentoring, professional development and a their biggest fan. The team are incredible at what they do and my approach is to empower them to achieve the best results for our external and internal stakeholders.

As a member of the Management Group, I am responsible for the operational management and seek to ensure cross-organisational efficiency and effectiveness. My team and I work across every part of the organisation and pivot regularly to respond to shifts in country, partner, volunteer and organisational situations.

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