Mary joined VSA in June 2016 as Partnerships Manager and moved into the Director, Fundraising & Business Development position in March 2017.  

Mary is VSA Director, Stakeholder Engagement.   

Originating from the UK, Mary moved to New Zealand in May 2008 after working for the UK Police, and engaging in the work of civil society organisations. She has over twenty years of experience in collaborative partnership development, volunteer engagement, project management and leadership across the social impact sector both in NZ and the UK. Mary is passionate about the value of volunteering, and the critical contribution volunteers make in creating social, political, economic and environmental change, and the importance of volunteering as part of active citizenship and social engagement.  She has a strong background in environmental sustainability and community education and has supported numerous initiatives, both voluntarily and paid, to reduce waste and promote climate justice.  Experienced in stakeholder engagement and creating partnerships that achieve shared goals, Mary is committed to the values of VSA and its focus on sustainable people-centered development.