For the past six years I have bounced between recruitment roles in London to earn a living and pursuing my passion for travel and volunteering mostly in Asia. Living and working with small business owners in places like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand I learned so much and it ultimately was the spark of my interest in development.

I came to New Zealand for a change of lifestyle and decided to look for a way to combine my recruitment experience and passion together, and when doing some research it wasn’t long before I discovered VSA. As luck (or fate!) would have it they were advertising for a Recruitment Adviser and hear I am! Along with my team I am responsible for advising on our assignment descriptions from a recruitment perspective, and then advertising, marketing and facilitating the Volunteer Recruitment process.

What I love about VSA is that all the assignments come from a genuine need, and that we look to help by knowledge sharing, empowering and upskilling people which makes lasting changes, not short term solutions. Also VSA’s staff, I have the upmost respect for my colleagues here, from our Program Managers in country to our office staff here in Wellington there is always a sense of questioning and evaluation that lets me know we are all striving to be better and do better.

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