What’s is the best thing about working for VSA?

We get to do meaningful work in interesting places. It’s great to work for an organisation with such a long history and positive reputation.

If you could be anywhere in the world on a Friday afternoon/evening, where would it be?

Himalayas with a ginger-lemon-honey tea, I enjoy trekking, although I’m not as passionate as our founder, Sir Edmund Hillary! I love that time in the afternoon when you have already reached your destination for the day and can sit back to enjoy the view with a hot cuppa.

Your favourite thing about living in Wellington/New Zealand/the Pacific?

The small scale, I love that I can walk almost everywhere in Wellington, and even though it’s sometimes hard to get to places in the Pacific, once you are there its usually easy to get to know people quickly as communities are often small. I like the contrast between the enormity of the Pacific Ocean and the small island nations located in it. I like how Pacific Island nations often call themselves Big Ocean States rather than Small Island States. 



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