What do you do?

I am VSA’s HR Warrior Princess! My role encompasses responsibility for the Human Resources function and also managing the Volunteer Recruitment unit. So it’s all about ensuring we have the right people in place to do VSA’s great work, as our people (all our volunteers and employees) really are the heart of what VSA is about.  

What's the best thing about working for VSA?

The best thing is working with a really awesome bunch of VSA staff (my best colleagues ever) and meeting lots of inspiring VSA volunteers.  

What’s your favourite Pacific or Timorese phrase or saying and why?

“Obrigada”, which means thank you. I heard it a lot on a recent work trip to Timor-Leste when visiting VSA’s volunteers in the field and hearing from partner organisations about the positive contributions our volunteers are making to their lives.  

What are you renowned for in the office?

Defying the stereotype that HR professionals are always totally PC.  

If you could be anywhere in the world on a Friday afternoon/evening, where would it be?

Beside the beach, under a palm tree on any hot sunny island. But more typically my Friday nights involve couch time with my husband and cat (Madame Eliza), plus a pizza and an apocalyptic zombie movie or two.

web staff Kerry de la Haye