Hi, I’m Hillary. I’m on the Fundraising team here at VSA, and my focus areas are fundraising & communicating with VSA supporters through email and social media, working with volunteers to fundraise for VSA, and supporting the fundraising team through data analysis and management.

My background is a bit hodgepodge, but there are three main threads that seem to wind through my work experience – people, process, and values. I like working alongside people… collaborating, learning from different perspectives, and laughing/having fun. I also am a nerd for process…and more recently, utilising data to inform decisions.

Finally, work that aligns with my values has always been key for me. I’ve worked in LGBT advocacy, community development & homelessness, and now, international development. It’s kind of cheesy, but to be honest I feel that it’s a real privilege to have worked in human rights based work for four years now.

I’m here at VSA because I believe in the approach and methodology that we apply to our development work – it’s making a positive difference in the lives of locally based communities in the wider Pacific. Plus, the volunteers who go on assignment bring all they’ve learned back to Aoteroa! As well, the people I work alongside here at VSA are kind, the work I do is both interesting and challenging, and I have fun here. I’m pretty lucky!