My passion for international development led me to work as a VSA staff member for a decade until 2017. During this time, I experienced almost three life transforming years in Papua New Guinea as the Country Programme Manager. I have an in-depth understanding of the development needs of the Pacific and the way VSA works to achieve successful outcomes for local communities. In addition, my Post Graduate Diploma in Development studies has grounded me in best practice.

My first-hand knowledge and experience of other cultures and environments will be a great benefit to the VSA Council. I want to continue to contribute to an organisation that positively impacts our world by making very real changes in people’s lives. I strongly believe in the values and vision of VSA and its emphasis on partnership and a collaborative approach.

I’ve been privileged to experience many examples of the power of volunteering – demonstrating its value, the way skills can be transferred, the importance of working alongside and building confidence in people, building towards the ultimate goal of self-determination.

I understand the business of VSA and the development outcomes the organisation is working towards. It is my understanding of both operations and strategy that allows me to be in a unique position to offer thoughts on VSA – as it is now; and what it can be in the future. I feel that I understand how VSA has changed over the last 10 years and how I can support VSA into the next stage.