Stay in touch through Interest Groups

VSA Interest Groups (IGs) are open to anyone who is interested in the work of VSA and the international development sector. They provide a way for like-minded individuals, supporters, former volunteers, VSA members and anyone with an interest in international development to connect and engage at a local level, or around a specific interest, to support VSA’s work. You don’t have to be a financial member of VSA to get involved in an IG, although we do encourage you to join. You can find out more and sign up to be a VSA member here. 

We currently have three IGs – based in Canterbury, Manawatū and at the Top of The South (TOTS). These are informal groups led by Co-Convenors who organise get-togethers, events and talks, and make decisions about how the groups run. They are also a contact for participants and anyone interested who wants to meet together. Some groups organise fundraising activities, using the money raised to support VSA’s work across the Pacific. Details of the current groups are below.

If you would like to find out more about IGs or you are keen to organise your own either within a region or around a particular area of interest such as health, language, climate change, or a particular country, please feel free to contact us at we’d love to hear from you.

VSA Interest Group Canterbury 


Simon Pollock, Co-convenor 

Alice McCabe, Co-convenor 

VSA Interest Group Manawatū  


Hilary Smith, Co-convenor (primary contact) 

Lesley Batten, Co-convenor 

Marion Bland, Co-convenor 

VSA Interest Group Top of the South  

Carol Hulse, Co-convenor 

Robyn Lambert, Co-convenor   

Charles Lambert, Treasurer