The Ministry of Education officially started in 1980 when Vanuatu gained its independence.  The first name used after 1980 was Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEY&S), later changed to Ministry of Education (MoE), and now known as Ministry of Education and Training. (MoET).  There are 3 directorates under the MoET; directorate of Policy and Planning, directorate of finance, management and assets, and directorate of education Services.  The MoET is governed by the Vanuatu government, headed up by a Minister of Education and his cabinet, down through the Director General and Department Directors.  There are 175 MoET staff, of which 143 are working under the Director of Education Services.

The purpose of the Ministry of Education and Training is to manage the development and affairs of the formal and tertiary education.  The goals of the MoET are:

  • To provide early childhood and care, primary and secondary education which is firmly based on Vanuatu culture and beliefs
  • To provide early childhood and care, primary and secondary education of a high standard to all children within the limits of available resources
  • Expand access to secondary education
  •  To eliminate educational disadvantages arising from the gender or ethnicity of a child, or a child’s geographic, economic, social, cultural or other circumstances
  • To assist each child to achieve his or her potential
  • To provide education to children that gives them access to opportunities for training or employment, or further study
  • To upgrade and strengthen the administration of the early childhood and care, primary and secondary education system.

The MoET has developed the following Acts to guide the overall education systems:

  1. Education Act
  2. Teaching Service Act
  3. Vanuatu Qualification Authority Act
  4. Vanuatu Institute of Teaching Act

From these acts the MoET internal policies were developed:

-          The Inclusive Education (IE) Policy

-          Education in Emergency (EiE) Act

-          Primary Education Policy

-          Secondary Education Policy

-          TVET in School Policy

-          Child Safe-guarding policy

-          Gender Equity in National Education policy