The Malekula local government was established in 1982 two years after Vanuatu gained independence. In 1984, after the adoption of the decentralisation law, Malekula local government was merged with Ambrym and Paama local governments to establish the Malampa Provincial Government Council. 

The Malampa province is headed by the Secretary-General (SG) who is appointed by the Public Service Commission under the Decentralisation Act. The SG acts as the executive officer of the province mandated with the duties to execute all decisions made by the Provincial Government.

The province has 21 councillors elected to the council through provincial elections, the council is mandated under the Decentralisation Act to make decisions relating to the running and management of provincial affairs. The council is headed by an executive cabinet comprising of the President, Vice-President, the Second Vice-President and four other council members.

At the administrative level, the SG oversees different sectors managed by officers who are mandated to carry out development activities within the province. Some of the key sectors include the investment sector, planning, development projects, and the Area Council Development Offices.