The Department of Forestry (DOF) has the regulative and administrative responsibility for the management of the forestry sector throughout Vanuatu. It leads the implementation of the National Forest Policy and implements and enforces the forestry legislation. It promotes the integral and sustainable management of all forest resources for the supply of products and services. It approves utilization operation agreements and ensures that all forest-related orders and codes are implemented. It collects information about forest resources, conducts forest research and facilitates the development of commercial plantations and agro-forestry systems. It provides advice on forest conservation, protected areas and National Parks. The DOF provides forest policy advice to the Government and ensures the sustainable management and conservation of Vanuatu’s forests.

The work of the Forestry sector is guided by:

1. The National Forest Policy (2013-2023),

2. The forestry legislation,

3. The Ministry of Agriculture Livestock Fisheries Forestry Biosecurity (MALFFB) Corporate Plan (2014-2018), which is further deliberated into the annual Business Plan.